A productivity service designed for small business, by small business owners. We customize affordable IT solutions that use privacy and protection to impact overall productivity.


One solution for monitoring your office productivity and your network health.


Simple set up. It’s painless, but even so, we are also here to help. And by “help”, we mean LIVE, English-speaking help.


Priced for small business, not large enterprise. We believe customizable service solutions should fit a small business budget.

minutes of work time is loss, when an employee spends one minute on social media.
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Tele-Work From Home Options

We understand that many businesses may now require their employees to work from home. Avelera offers affordable Remote Access Solutions for small businesses, as part of its PEAK productivity service.

Keep your business running and your employees working safely and remotely. We offer small businesses a fixed price for our entire suite of productivity tools, including remote access from home.

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*If you are in the Metro New York City area, we may have faster solutions for you. Please contact us for details.

No Distractions

Social Media is addictive. Americans now spend A LOT of time scrolling their social platforms. Employee’s need a mind break, but having specific times in place for those breaks keeps your team accountable. When everyone is able to focus on the job at hand, and your network is protected and performing, you have peace of mind.

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Your business, is nobody’s business.

PEAK is working in the background to reduce the risk of your business’ sensitive information being compromised. We know outside sources can threaten our business, but many times without we our compromising ourselves internally. Peak’s simple permissions can ensure what happens here, stays here.

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You’ve built it, now protect it.

You wouldn’t allow any foreseeable threat to hinder your business, but nowadays, threats aren’t so easy to see coming. Peak protects your network from the harmful interferences that can cause disruption in your workflow and ensures compliance with any laws that might put you at financial risk.

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Investing in peace of mind

We know first-hand that in a small business, productivity can make or break you.

There are no two businesses alike, and cookie-cutter IT solutions designed and priced for the big guys weren’t working for us…so, we figured they weren’t working for you either.

That’s why we set out to create a service that ensures PEAK productivity, protection, and privacy while remaining easy to use and affordable.

With a single click, you’ll have access to an all-in-one solution for monitoring office productivity and network health. For a low monthly fee or a one-time annual contract, you’ll have the peace of mind that everyone and everything is working for the business. That is peace in productivity.

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Wifi and LAN Access

Preventing personal devices from connecting to company-owned WiFi provides another layer of protection and ensures PEAK productivity. This feature can be set to allow for this option sparingly.

Website Activity Logs

Keeps employees accountable in using their time wisely and monitors network compliance with internal HR and AUP policies.

Internet-Free Times on a Schedule

Shutting down internet access before and after business hours lessens risk of after-hour contractors or cleaning crews compromising the network.

Blocking Specific Websites

Restricts access to sites where customer data can be shared and reduces employee’s time online.

Blocking Apps

On average people now spend almost 2.5 hours a day checking social media platforms, and much of that is during working hours. Reducing time spent on social media at work can significantly increase productivity and protect sensitive information.

Website Content Filtering

Blocking specific content like nudity and violence protects from viruses and worms, minimizes risk of violating harassment laws, and keeps employees focused.

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