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Peak is Avelera’s software service designed specifically with the small business owner in mind.

In any business productivity is important, in a small business it is essential. With growing threats to productivity in the workplace, we recognized that there was a need for an affordable solution that gives peace of mind.

As small business owners, we naively think that no one is interested in the little guy, but often that leaves us the most vulnerable. The cost of services priced for large enterprise leave small business owner’s feeling discouraged, and as if a solution is out of reach. No longer. Peak works behind the scenes to minimize risk, using protection and privacy to affect your overall productivity.

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Website Content Filtering


Blocking Apps


White/Black List Websites


Internet-Free Times on a Schedule


Website Activity Logs


Wifi and LAN Access

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    Our Peak Appliance is your gateway to providing your business with Productivity, Protection, and Privacy. Working with our cloud-based Peak Service, this hardened appliance is purpose-built to protect you and your business. A simple installation by you or a professional and you are protected. 

    Wifi and LAN Access

    Preventing personal devices from connecting to company-owned WiFi provides another layer of protection and ensures PEAK productivity. This feature can be set to allow for this option sparingly.

    Website Activity Logs

    Keeps employees accountable in using their time wisely and monitors network compliance with internal HR and AUP policies.

    Internet-Free Times on a Schedule

    Shutting down internet access before and after business hours lessens risk of after-hour contractors or cleaning crews compromising the network.

    Blocking Specific Websites

    Restricts access to sites where customer data can be shared and reduces employee’s time online.

    Blocking Apps

    On average people now spend almost 2.5 hours a day checking social media platforms, and much of that is during working hours. Reducing time spent on social media at work can significantly increase productivity and protect sensitive information.

    Website Content Filtering

    Blocking specific content like nudity and violence protects from viruses and worms, minimizes risk of violating harassment laws, and keeps employees focused.

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