Reasons to Monitor Your Remote Workforce During COVID-19—and the PEAK Solution

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The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a major disruptive force, both for the economy and our day-to-day work lives. Though such isolation measures aren’t unprecedented, it’s certainly the first this current generation has experienced them. However, for many businesses, this disruption simply offers the next phase of a new type of work life: telecommuting.

Though new to many businesses, remote work offers a solution for companies big and small to stay productive. In fact, tech companies that already have some remote policies in place are investing in huge expansions to promote efficiency and normalcy during the challenges this virus has presented. Facebook, Amazon, and Google are among the tech giants investing and mandating remote work. Twitter has gone so far as to make remote work mandatory.

Why Remote Employees Require Proper Management

As employees transition from office life to remote work, management can and should be different. Without effective virtual management, you risk losing productivity. When remote employees aren’t properly managed, they’re prone to binging Netflix on the job, scrolling through Facebook and other social media channels, video-chatting with friends, or worse. These common disruptions tank productivity, and, unfortunately, many employees aren’t aware of how much time these small distractions take away from their work.

Like distractions, employees don’t often understand how easily compliance can be broken. Those who lack proper computer security, fail to update, or even visit the wrong websites can unwittingly damage your business. Establishing proper work habits and security protocols among remote employees ensures:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Productivity

If you’re a small to medium business looking to stay productive and secure, you need a solution that filters website content, blocks distracting social media apps, and restricts access to sites where customer data may be shared. These measures are a first line of protection for your business.

Consider Leveraging the PEAK Solution

Avelera’s PEAK software helps business owners as they transition their employees into a remote environment, which may happen to be during the COVID-19 pandemic. PEAK offers an all-in-one solution to monitor efficiency as well as the health of your network.

With PEAK, employee activity logs allow you to hold employees accountable for time management and compliance with company HR policies. When you effectively monitor the way your employees use their time, you avoid distraction issues, inefficient time management, and breaks in compliance. You keep employees focused while adding a layer of protection against worms and viruses.

Like computers and smartphones, PEAK is a tool. However, unlike other tools, it’s one that improves productivity while protecting your business. If your business could benefit from PEAK solution tools as you transition your new remote workforce, Avelera is here to help. Contact us today to discuss the ways that PEAK may be the solution for your company.

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Wifi and LAN Access

Preventing personal devices from connecting to company-owned WiFi provides another layer of protection and ensures PEAK productivity. This feature can be set to allow for this option sparingly.

Website Activity Logs

Keeps employees accountable in using their time wisely and monitors network compliance with internal HR and AUP policies.

Internet-Free Times on a Schedule

Shutting down internet access before and after business hours lessens risk of after-hour contractors or cleaning crews compromising the network.

Blocking Specific Websites

Restricts access to sites where customer data can be shared and reduces employee’s time online.

Blocking Apps

On average people now spend almost 2.5 hours a day checking social media platforms, and much of that is during working hours. Reducing time spent on social media at work can significantly increase productivity and protect sensitive information.

Website Content Filtering

Blocking specific content like nudity and violence protects from viruses and worms, minimizes risk of violating harassment laws, and keeps employees focused.

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